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WCTI Named One of Top 50 Water Technology Companies

WCTI Named One of Top 50 Water Technology Companies


WCTI’s innovative technology addresses water scarcity issues and reduces use of harmful chemicals in the industrial, high tech, commercial and energy production sectors 
TEMECULA, CA, June 8, 2010 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- Water Conservation Technology Inc (WCTI), a California company that figured out how to reduce wastewater and harmful chemicals in large-scale cooling systems, has been named a “Top 50 Water Company” for 2010. The Artemis Project, which established this award in 2009, will recognize WCTI today at the Blue Tech Innovation Forum in San Francisco.

The winners have excelled in key areas of the emerging advanced water technology sector, said Laura Shenkar, principal of The Artemis Project. A panel of industry experts applied four criteria -- technology, intellectual property and know-how, team and market potential – to select WCTI as a winner of Artemis’ annual competition.

“We help alleviate the water scarcity challenges facing businesses that consume vast quantities of our fresh water supply for critical cooling needs,” explained Dan Duke, president of WCTI. Extrapolating water use data from the U.S. Geological Survey, Duke noted that 400,000+ cooling towers consume almost half of the fresh water used in the U.S.

WCTI’s innovative and very “green” technology eliminates the need for and cost of dangerous chemicals because its process utilizes the natural minerals already present in water to prevent the corrosion, scaling and biological growth that impair cooling system energy efficiency and shorten equipment life.

“Our technology works just as well with either fresh or recycled waste water to operate cooling towers at zero blowdown, reducing water use and the cost required to cool buildings and industrial plants,” Duke said. “Since less water is used to operate the cooling system, the customer also reduces embedded water-energy consumption.”

WCTI, a water conservation technology company based in Temecula, CA, provides its patented cooling water scale and corrosion control technology to commercial, industrial, high tech and energy production businesses through licensed agents and distributors. WCTI’s system may be used to accrue LEED credits.